This will be the day that I dye

my dyes (solids) Oct 8 2013
my dyed fabrics

Yesterday was dye day with my friend Maureen.  I’d done (speed) dyeing in Jane Dunnewold’s class at Art Quilt Tahoe  (AQT) last year,  but this was the first time I got to pick the colors.   This was low immersion, seat of your pants dyeing, with little measuring and no record keeping (which will come back and haunt me, I’m sure).

We did solids first, since the supply list for Valerie Goodwin’s class at AQT calls for “varied hand-dyed solids”, especially lights and darks.  But I couldn’t resist doing a few in your face bright colors.

Next came ice dyeing, both with and without a rack to keep the fabric out of the melted ice. Interesting results (you can see the four pieces in the background of the photo below) but not in my textile art wheelhouse.  Next time  (and there will be a next time!) I’ll use a more restrained palette. all my dyeing Oct 8 2013



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